G.C. Coleman… Amen Brother

The Winstons
The Winstons

Here is an interesting mini documentary on the “Amen Break”, which is a drum loop created from a 1968 record by The Winstons called “Amen Brother”.

Amen Break Documentary

The drummer is GC Coleman. You’ll know it when you here it:


The documentary chronicles the history of the “Amen Break” loop. This loop made its way from that copywrited funk record into hip hop songs by Third Base, NWA, and a slew of others. It then leaked into the drum & bass scene in the UK where it was actually copywrited and sold by a UK loop CD company who claim the loop was created especially for them.

Eventually, it was embraced by corporate America to help sell SUVs and blue jeans to suburban America. Interesting take on sampling and copyright laws. Where’s the RIAA when you actually need them?