In the Jungle Groove

In The Jungle Groove
In The Jungle Groove

It has been a while. I’m finally back to posting again after a long holiday on the north coast of New South Wales. Up and down the East Coast of Australia is just amazing. It’s all beach! Boogie boards, fishing, swimming, walking, lovely!

It’s been a while since I wrote about a great funk CD, so I thought this one would put the grease back in your stride! It’s James Brown’s In the Jungle Groove. This CD was James Brown’s transition from soul to funk, and this record solidified it. I think the album cover says it all. One of the best in my collection.

In the Jungle Groove is a pinnacle album for drummers because it contains two versions of “Funky Drummer”, a song with the baddest beat in the entire world. It’s certainly the most sampled beat ever. Funky Drummer contains the Clyde Stubblefield drum break that has been almost a foundation for hip-hop. It is the supreme drum loop! Full stop. This CD is worthy of a purchase just to learn that lick. And with an all-star cast of players, the entire album is bangin’ and in the pocket from start to finish.

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