Roll It Ups Drumstick Bags

Coming to you straight out of Knoxville, the Roll It Ups Stick Bag is an ultra-portable alternative to the standard drumstick bags you see at your local music shop. The cool thing is, they are all handmade by Flea Puckett in Knoxville, TN and easily available at, which is a great site for finding handmade items that you won’t find in a mega-retail shop.

This beautifully designed bag fits on to your floor tom by tying the strings to the tension rods. The fact that it is so lightweight means it won’t weigh down on a floor tom that is mounted to a stand. I have stripped tom mounts by hanging heavy stick bags on them, not the best thing to happen in the middle of a gig! The Roll It Ups might be the lightest stick bag I have ever used.

I love the fact that these are handmade. I get the feeling that stick bags were made like this in the not too distant past which is great for us throw backs! Not only that, but the design is minimal. Each bag holds 8 pairs of whatever you choose… Sticks, brushes, rutes/hotrods, or mallets all fit snugly in each pocket. There is also a 12x12cm pouch in the middle of the bag to hold small accessories like a drum key and a small metronome.

Once you are finished with a gig, you just roll the whole thing up, as its name suggests, wrap the tie around the bag, and drop it in your trap case. Too easy.

If you are interested in getting the Roll It Ups, there are plenty of different colors and styles to choose from, and at $27, I am not sure you will get a better deal on a handmade drum accessory:

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